Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back from Vacation

I have been totally neglecting this blog lately, but I'm back now and resolved to update more often. I just got back from a 3 week vacation - most of which was a "staycation" - but, I live in San Diego, so that wasn't so bad. This whole lifestyle change thing that was necessary to lose weight isn't so bad. In fact, I love it. My husband and I keep kicking ourselves for not getting out sooner. We live in a beautiful city and a beautiful area.

We got a LOT of exercise on our vacation - not just exercise for the sake of exercise - but a lot of the activities we discovered when we were trying to spice up our physical activity ("PA," otherwise known as exercise) - we found that we really enjoyed. And we are still exploring, which is fun. We went paddleboarding off the coast of Santa Barbara, hiking in the hills surrounding Santa Barbara (Montecito), we went on a beautiful, long (for us) bike ride along Silver Strand Beach in Coranado, a long walk from Mission Bay to Mission Beach to Ocean Beach to Pacific Beach and around the bay. We went Kayaking several times out into Mission Bay in San Diego, including once out to see the fireworks on the fourth of July.  We had a so much fun exploring our beautiful city - I really wish we had done it before.

We also went out to eat a lot - not as much as we would have a year or so ago, but we did go out more than usual, it was our anniversary and we were visiting friends and family. Two things helped us to maintain our weight: (1) we were careful to order low calorie items from the menu and avoid bread, chips, etc. and (2) we were very active over most of our vacation. Both my husband and I maintained our weight loss. I didn't lose any more, but given that we were on vacation, I'm proud of myself for maintaining.

Now back to reality, less eating out, and back to my usual eating and exercise routine.