Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back on Track

A month has gone by - wow! It took some doing, but I am back to within 2 pounds of my pre-vacation weight. I am now happily back to my routine and it is paying off, albeit slowly. I actually went back to the dreaded shakes for a while (I'm still replacing one meal a day with them.). They really aren't so bad, but going back was still depressing. It was worth it though. While I really do not think that these shakes and meal replacements should become a regular part of a diet - using them on occasion (pre- and post- Holidays and vacations) I think is okay to help keep things under control. I will probably stay on once-a-day meal replacement (with two light meals and several light snacks - fruit and veggies - netting about 1200 calories a day) until after the Holidays, just to be sure I maintain through this bumpy time of the year.

Anyway, just a little update - Happily, I am on my way back down, and my clothes aren't fitting quite so snugly anymore - Yay!

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