Friday, May 4, 2012

Expanding My Horizons

I am really looking forward to this weekend. My husband and I are going to Disneyland tonight and tomorrow (lots of walking and we will bring our own food), then we are going for one of our beautiful long bike rides around Mission Bay on Sunday morning, and we are taking ballroom dancing lessons on Sunday night. Fun times!  We'll get a lot of exercise this weekend, but that's not why we planned these activities. We planned them because we quite enjoy them. Okay, so the dancing was all my idea, but I think my husband is actually kind of excited to try it (plus, I'm going to the Avengers with him on Saturday, so he owes me one).

Trying ballroom dancing, bellydancing, Zumba, kayaking, exploring different bike trails and hiking trails, and trying other new, active things has been one of the best side benefits of our little weight loss adventure. It has been a lot of fun to expand our horizons and we have found so many things that we love to do. When we started, we just made sure to schedule a lot of walking into our weekends. Now, we have more than enough fun activities to keep us busy and moving all weekend without even trying. Generally, I don't have to drag myself out on the weekend and force myself to do something active - we'll just pick something and go enjoy ourselves.

My little piece of weekend advice for anyone trying to lose weight, maintain weight, or live a more healthy lifestyle is to try something new and active. Find something you've always wanted to try, but never have - for whatever reason and do it. You may end up loving it and then you will have at least one active thing on your list of exercises that you love to do. Then, expand from there - if you hear about something that sounds like fun, try it. You may love it and have something else to add to the list - or you may be indifferent or even hate it... but it never hurts to try - then you know. Eventually, you will have a variety of exercises and activities to keep you moving. ...and, as a bonus, these things will help you lose weight /maintain your weight and live a healthy lifestyle.  So, have a wonderful weekend - and I am going to have an awesome time on Sunday learning how to do the waltz with my husband. :-)

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