Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Long Slog

I'm almost "there." In the larger scheme of things, I'm within about 30-40 pounds of my goal. I say 30-40 because I am 30 pounds away from being at a "normal" weight  (no longer overweight according to the BMI), but I'm 40 pounds away from where I want to be. I know that I will fluctuate, so I'm setting a 10 pound range in which I will allow myself to fluctuate - if I hit the top of the range, I know I need to step back and use my tools to get my weight back under control.  I'm not aiming for the mid- or low- normal range because, frankly, I couldn't maintain it. I need  a healthy weight that I can maintain so I'm shooting for just within the normal range for my height.

I've lost 75% of the weight I need to lose, you would think that the last 30-40 pounds would be cake (excuse the expression). I'm almost there! But it's not easier. It gets more difficult as I get closer to my goal. I have to work harder to take the weight off. In addition, I'm trying to normalize my diet. I don't mind having the frozen entrees for lunch at work, they are a great way to control my calories and they are very convenient, easy to pack, etc. That said, I do not want to have to eat them on the weekend or in the evenings. I want to eat healthy, whole foods without so many preservatives and without so much sodium. So my husband and I have been cooking for ourselves. To do that and continue to lose weight takes quite a bit of practice. So far, we've been successful, I'm still losing weight - and my husband is as well - but our weight loss has slowed considerably. I love how I look and feel now, but honestly, I'm getting impatient. I want to be "there," so that I can buy my new wardrobe and start figuring out the most important piece of this process - how to maintain.

All that said, I'm going to suck it up and continue the slow slog toward my goal. I know it will be worth it. I've said this so many times - but I'll say it again - I feel great, I look great, I no longer get migraines like I used to, I am far more comfortable, I can do more, my life is bigger, I have more energy and I have more stamina. This slow slog of  weight loss is totally worth it.

I've had several occasions where someone will ask me how I lost weight, I tell them diet and exercise - lifestyle change - and I can see the disappointment on their face. Everyone seems to want that quick fix, the diet that works overnight - or at least in a few weeks. No one wants to hear that they need to change their lifestyle, because it is hard work and it takes time. The problem with the quick fix is that once the "diet" is over the eating patterns and lifestyle that were the problem in the first place, return. The long slog is really worth it in the end.  I am plodding along, but I know that I have the tools I need to maintain this weight loss and avoid the old, bad habits that resulted in my being so overweight for so long.

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