Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Something New

So I have resolved to try a spinning / cycling class tomorrow morning. There is one at the gym that is a 10 minute drive from my house from 6:30-7:25am. I think I can make it. I need a Tuesday / Thursday morning activity. I do water aerobics on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - and it is a habit that is well-established after a year. I really like it, it wakes me up and it gives me energy for the day. Plus, I love the water, I love swimming-type activities. And an added bonus is that it is first thing in the morning, so if my day goes sideways and I miss my afternoon workout, I've already done something or, if I have a busy day as is the case tomorrow, I have my exercise done and out of the way first thing in the morning, no worrying about how I'm possibly going to squeeze it in.

This may sound like a lot of exercise, maybe it is and maybe it is unsustainable. I'm liking it now and it is working for me now. The thing is that I like to go to my evening work-outs, I'm at a point where I don't just do them because I need the exercise, I do them because I like them. I love Zumba, and I love to spend time working out at the gym with my hubby.

I have been looking for a Tues/Thursday morning activity for a while, and I can't seem to find anything that sticks. I have to like what I'm doing, or I will not get out of my comfy bed to go do it...once the routine is established, it gets easier, but I have to at least enjoy it at first. To be honest, spinning doesn't look like a great deal of fun, but it can't hurt to try. I've tried Nia, which got boring after a while, and the instructor was, frankly, kind of flaky in that she wouldn't show up to class or she'd be late all the time. Not okay. So, that isn't to discourage people from trying Nia, it is a perfectly lovely exercise and some may love it - it just wasn't for me. Then, I tried a beginner's Yoga class. I loved it. Unfortunately, I think I was one of only like 3 people who loved it because attendance dwindled and it was cancelled. Boo! So, now I'm going to try this cycling thing and see if it works. I'll try to have an update on the success and / or failure of this latest venture in a week or so.  Meanwhile, I need to find another Yoga class somewhere in my life because I quite liked it, and I think I need some relaxing / stretching in my life - all I really do is cardio. I think I need some variety.

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