Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nothing Tastes As Good: Benefit #4: The Beautiful Numbers

One of the biggest reasons I decided that I really needed to get serious about losing weight was that my cholesterol was really high, so high that my doctor suggested putting me on cholesterol medication on more than one occasion. I wanted none of that in my mid-thirties (yes, I'm sticking with mid-thirties, I have not yet come to terms with the fact that 38 is probably more like late-thirties...). When I started my weight loss about seven months ago, not only was my cholesterol high, my triglycerides were high and my blood sugar was nearing pre-diabetic levels.

I just had my labs done today - my total cholesterol is down 93 points (or whatever the proper measurement is...I don't know so I'm calling it "points") and it is now within the normal range, my "bad"  cholesterol (LDL) is way down and also within the normal range, my triglycerides are down and well within the normal range, and my blood sugar is now well within normal levels.  So - happily - the bottom line is no medication any time soon. And that means no medication side effects any time soon. Whew!

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