Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Candy Hiccups

I had a bit of a fail yesterday. I've been having a few fails as of late. But it happens. I have been pretty successful at this weight loss / healthy living thing. That said, it is not always all sunshine, roses and rainbows, it is challenging. It is a daily process and some days are a lot more challenging than others.  The important thing is to learn from the fails, however big or small they may be, and not to allow them to derail goals and well-established good habits. They are just bumps, learn from them, weather them, and keep going...

Yesterday, I totally failed with the Halloween candy. Well, I won't say it was a complete fail, I'll call it a hiccup, because I didn't completely drop the ball by any stretch of the imagination. We purchased the Halloween candy about a week ago - um, mistake number one. However, we did NOT open the big bag of candy - we stored it in our freezer and kept our hands off. Crisis averted...until we opened the bag yesterday. For one thing, there was no reason to buy a huge bag of candy because we go to the gym from 6:00 - 8:00pm, which is the prime trick or treating time. Anyway, be that as it may, I decided to have one snack sized candy bar. These little two bite things are like 80 - 90 calories EACH - at best. And, they are not at all satisfying. I ate one and felt like I could eat another. I stopped myself at 4 and put the calories into my app. Ouch! 

Okay, so this was not a complete fail because (1) I stopped myself before it got ridiculous - I could have eaten that stuff all night. (2) I learned a couple of lessons about how to deal with Halloween candy for the future. And (3) all in all, I netted just over 1500 calories for the day, not devastatingly bad, but I'm still trying to lose weight, so not great. 

Lessons learned: (1) There is no need for a huge giant bag of Halloween Candy (2) Make plans to be out of the house over the heavy trick or treating hours (preferably, be at the gym) and (3) Do not even open the first candy bar. Once the first one goes in your mouth, it's hard to stop...much easier to simply not eat the first one. 

Another minor fail on which I need to work - I took all the left over candy into work (I work at on a university campus) and I left it in the front of the office, well out of my sight and reach. That is good for me, but it is not nice to everyone else who might be trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I need to start considering that before I dump sweet, fattening, unhealthy goodies on everyone else just because I can't eat them. 

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