Tuesday, November 13, 2012

There is Always Something...

I caught myself this week making too many allowances to either skip part of my exercise routine or eat in an unhealthy way. Happily, I caught myself before I started to put on weight. This starts out innocently enough, I skipped a day of exercise because I wanted to watch the election results, and then we ate take out Mexican food while we were watching - one day won't make me gain back all my weight - one day is fine...but then I had a travel day - and did not get a lot of exercise, and then I went out to eat with friends, and then it was cold outside and I put off exercising until way too late in the day and almost missed it...There is always something, there is always some reason to make poor eating decisions or to skip exercise and it can spiral really quickly and really easily. It's okay to live life, and there will be days in which I do not eat and exercise like I probably should.  That said, it is important to be cognizant of these things and to avoid falling into the habit of allowing these days to happen way too often (which is a particularly dangerous potential pitfall over the Holidays). It is also important to plan for challenging days and around them as much as possible. This is why recording food and exercise is important - it makes it very easy to review what you are doing and catch yourself. Fortunately, I caught myself and I'm back on track now.

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