Friday, November 2, 2012

Succeeding by bits and pieces

A while ago, I posted about failing by bits and pieces. Happily, you can also succeed by bits and pieces.

Yesterday was an example for me. I had a busy day and knew I would have absolutely no time at all for a nice workout after work...then I slept in because it was way too cold in the house to get out of bed. (terrible excuse, I know). So when I finally got up, I didn't have a lot of time. But I did the jump rope program on my Kinect for 15 minutes which was a good, albeit short, actual jump rope would probably do the trick too, and they are probably far less expensive than a Kinect, plus you won't have the stupid computer lady pointing it out every time you miss a beat....but I digress...

I went to work and made sure I got my 1/2 hour lunch walk with stairs in. Then, I went with my husband to his appointment, which happened to be right by the beach, so we did a short 1/2 hour walk after his appointment. Finally, an hour or so after we ate, I "jumped rope" again for another 15 minutes.

At the end of the day, the bits and pieces of exercise I had squeezed in throughout the day really added up nicely. And I felt much better than I would have had I not enjoyed the beautiful weather and moved a bit throughout the course of the day. I added up my exercise calories at the end of the day and burned only slightly fewer than I do with an hour of Zumba.

There it is, success by bits and pieces. :-)

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