Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finding a Partner

Changing my lifestyle was not easy and would have been even more difficult had it not been for my husband. He decided to support me and do this with me. Granted, we both needed to lose weight, but I think that the fact that we did it together has made all the difference in the world.

Having a partner in this gave me someone to talk to when I was frustrated, it gave me a work out partner, it gave me someone who would encourage me every day (though I think he would have done that anyway), and it gave me someone with whom I could compete. I think that since we have done this together, it will make maintaining our weight loss a bit easier as well. 

We have noticed that we are getting so much more out of life. We both have more energy, we are less stressed, and we live in San Diego. We often talk about what a waste it was that we had not been truly enjoying and taking advantage of the area in which we live all these years. We are now. 

As of this morning, my husband is approaching a 100 pound weight loss (he has lost just over 94 pounds) and I have lost just over 84 .... so I'm catching him :-) 

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