Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nothing Tastes as Good: Benefits of Weight Loss: #1 - I Can Fly! (comfortably)

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels..." This is such a cliche, and I HATED it when I heard it. Yes, of course I knew this on some level, but I still hated the stupid cliche. That said, it has been around long enough to become a cliche because it is very true. One of the things I will do here is to make note of the ways in which I am finding this to be true.  I'll talk about not only health benefits of my weight loss, but also the social, emotional and other benefits as I notice them.

I'm sitting in Oakland, in about an hour I have to be at meetings for work. I flew up here this morning, and realized how much easier the whole process has become.

I love to travel. Well, I love to travel for leisure, and I hate being away from my own warm cozy bed and my husband, but other than that I don't mind traveling for work, which I do quite often.

The problem used to be that flying was incredibly uncomfortable.  When I flew, I was always nervous that I would cross that threshold and Southwest would boot me off the flight ala Kevin Smith or try to charge me for two seats. It never happened, but that didn't stop the flight attendants from checking to make sure that I was fitting in the seat. Embarrassing. Then, even though I fit in the seat (barely) I would have to endure a very uncomfortable flight - especially if, god forbid, someone sat next to me. That would result in my trying to scrunch myself into my seat so as to make sure I didn't crowd the person next to me - very, very uncomfortable. Because of this, traveling became very stressful. I had to be at the airport early and, because I fly Southwest for business quite often and they do not assign seats, I had to stress about getting an aisle seat (not a window seat, b/c if someone sits in the middle I would be totally squashed against the window and definitely NOT a middle seat). I had to squeeze down the aisle bumping people as I walked. Awful. Then before and after my flight, I would get winded running around with my luggage...I was way more out of shape than I ever realized. I notice all the time now how I'm not out of breath when I expect to be, because I used to be. Now, I'm like Wonder Woman (and I even have the boots for it...but that's another post).

Today, I was at the end of the first boarding group, breezed down the aisle, got a window seat (LOVE the window seat and haven't been able to sit at the window for years), and even when someone sat in the middle seat - I had a comfortable flight all the way. I was not crowded or squished at all, even got some sleep.  Probably kind of a weird thing over which to get excited, but I am totally excited about this development.

Anyway, so benefit number one (not the most important benefit, just the one I noticed today) - Flying is oh SO much more comfortable and easy. 

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