Thursday, January 12, 2012


I'm a little bummed because I am probably going to miss my Zumba class tonight. (I have a lot to do, I'll still get my hour, it'll just be on the boring elliptical...blah)

I love Zumba. I guess that is another upside to the weight loss (and, hopefully, eventually, weight maintaining) habits I have had to develop. I would never have tried Zumba, but for the fact that I needed some more intense exercise to burn calories and I noticed one night at the gym that in this particular class, they turn the lights off.  It is awesome fun!  As I lose weight, I need to do more to burn the same calories. And, it's fun to try new things, and find new interests that contribute to a healthier lifestyle (wow, I sound like a walking cliche). It does help though, I'd get bored just doing walks all the time.

So I do Zumba twice a week, and I suck at it. I flail around like a mortally wounded chicken the entire time, I've almost fallen on my face at least twice. Once, I wore a hair band to keep my hair out of my eyes, it fell out without my noticing and I kept slipping on it, until finally I got so annoyed with whoever left their stupid towel in the middle of the floor for me to slip on and break my neck that I looked for the offending towel and found my hair band. oops. The other time(s) my shoes don't move like they are supposed to (no, not my feet, they always do what they are supposed to, my SHOES are the culprits here) and I nearly go sprawling across the floor to Beyonce's Run the World (Girls). But, as one of my favorite Bloggers on this subject says (see I get points for trying. And if I'm having fun and working and burning calories - that is what is important. I'll just have to make sure I don't bust something doing it.

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  1. Update - Happily, I did not miss my Zumba class last night, and it was fabulous as usual...and I made it through without falling. :-)